"In the current environment of digital do-it-yourself musical albums, the quality control mechanisms of the past have lessened much to the chagrin of this and many other listeners. However, the efforts of Garry King and Paul Jupe remain worthy of attention from the most discriminating of music lovers at this time, pastimes and forever into the future, as this is music of the highest quality" 

 Bob Saporiti, Former Sr. VP / General Manager, Warner Bros. Records

Formed in early 2017 by a group of musical friends ‘A Good Day’ is a country rock band consisting of guitarist and songwriter Paul Jupe, vocalist Kirk John Cumming, bassist Lucio Manca, keyboard player and pianist Fab ‘FAB’ Jablonski and drummer, producer Garry King.

Their first record ‘A Good Day’ will release early February 2019 with the debut single "It’s Alright" incorporating all those favourite and memorable elements fans of this style of music will love.

Paul says “We wanted to make a record that everyone would like, the guys and the girls! A record that you can drive a car to, drink a beer to, songs that make you feel good and also make you feel emotion. I think we did this and it’s a truly great feeling”.

David Bach, Former Vice President at Forefront Records, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records Nashville says “World class songs, world class playing and world class production”.


A.G.D already has a second record in production to follow up this first release again focusing on their radio friendly, pumping style of music that will get any foot tapping and any heart thumping with more great memorable songs.